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Boston J.U.M.P., Inc, Jamaica United Mission for Progress is a nonprofit organization located in Boston, MA. JUMP is best described as an organization focused on improving the lives of people in our community through out the greater Boston area and the rural areas of Jamaica. JUMP's purpose is to supply and furnish schools in the rural areas of Jamaica with books, computers and stationery, and to serve as a resource center for families in the greater Boston area. Jamaica's long history of social and economic turmoil has left the country in a vulnerable state. The schools in rural areas lack sufficient funds and the basic supplies and text books necessary for teaching and learning. Many of the children's parents cannot afford to pay for school uniforms, fees and transportation to and from school.

The annual book drive provides educational supplies to under-served children. Donations may include pens, pencils, colour pencils, notebooks, calculators and crayons.

you can make monetary, in-kind, or school supplies donations.


Boston J.U.M.P., Inc. (Jamaica United Mission for progress) is an educational development 501(C3) organization with a focus on serving the Caribbean American community of Greater Boston and Jamaica, West Indies. JUMP is designed to enhance educational opportunities, to serve as an immigration resource and to promote the Caribbean culture.




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